Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Rahul Gandhi: India’s next Prime Minister

Rahul Gandhi as a PM
This is not a theoretical debate that people are being murdered for each and every single day in India. This is because the Indian democracy is not being staid as to defending itself alongside those seeking to overthrow it. India has to formulate a fundamental choice and have to decide whether democracy is worth killing. Killing an innocent person to influence another is not a People's War. You can't surely liberate a state by murdering people. Kill a landlord and his child will sort you out.

Even though the general elections aren't due for about a year, chaotic political activity is stirring as Congress and BJP get ready for the eventual showdown. I can say Rahul stands the only hope India has. I can describe Rahul Gandhi as a well-intentioned person who is ready to bring about positive changes in the country.

I have read some articles posting bad things about Gandhi. Yes you might be having your reasons to accuse him but yet his achievements record greater than what some think he deserve. I don't see Rahul Gandhi as just a Prime Minister but also a man who can renovate the political environments of India. I find him quite idealistic and a very decent human being. He has true & real concerns for the oppressed. I remember reading the news that was on 11th May, when Gandhi was allayed and detained at a village in Bhatta Parsaul the Uttar police when he came by to support some agitated farmers who were asking for more recompensation to their lands that had been grabbed for a freeway project.

How would India appreciate such courage and bravery?

Rahul Gandhi is truly an ideal leader for India. His stratagem and way of working is very cool. He will indisputably guide and nurture India in future. He should be PM of India in the next election; this is the right way to move against corruption and injustices. Action, instead of merely talking and analyzing, is the best way of solving India's problems. The visualization at which the Congress nominee Rahul Gandhi is interacting with simply implies his main intentions are to reinforce the senate ( congress party) so as to come up with a party that can be given the responsibility and trust to govern and work for its people for the next 40 years. Undeniably Rahul's strongest quality is his descent. And this in the swift evolving ethos of dynastic democracy in India, no doubts ipso facto gives him an innate privilege to the Prime Minister-ship of India.

He has done so much to bring the youth congress democratization, a position where, as an unquestioned sovereign, I would assume he finds himself at great comfort. This might keep him busy and pleased in the time being, but he surely realizes that he has to upscale the same democratization mechanism to the party he is destined to head.

There should be a place for civilized discussion in a democracy. The Congress has permission to govern up to the year 2014 and it is open to the party to commend the top seat to Rahul Gandhi during the remaining time.

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