Thursday, 6 June 2013

Rahul Gandhi Website Detractors Debunked

Rahul Gandhi Congress Vice President
Rahul Gandhi is one of the most prominent men in India today. This young Indian-Italian political leader is currently the General Secretary of All India Congress Committee; a position he has held since 2007. He is the son of the current Congress president Sonia Gandhi and the late Rajiv Gandhi who served as India's Prime Minister until his assassination in 1991. In the recent years, spectators and political critics alike have been increasing and became keen on the political career of the Rahul Gandhi. 

As Rahul Gandhi's popularity rose, so as the number of Rahul Gandhi website hangouts, Rahul Gandhi website for fans and anti-fans. Most of these sites tackle the good, bad and the future of this highly anticipated Indian leader. 

The Challenges
Due to his lineage, it is not questionable why many politicians become threatened by his presence. Although the young Gandhi has repeatedly proven himself in various situations, his detractors still continue to increase. What are the challenges that Rahul Gandhi faced and how does this not add up to the bad image that he continually receives? 

His long political Ggoal 
Mr. Gandhi has repeatedly mentioned that he did not want to run for the position of Prime Minister. A couple of Rahul Gandhi website detractors have repeatedly mentioned that this act was just to increase the popularity of the young politician. However, the actions and goals of the young Gandhi seem to be opposite of what the detractors are stating. His goal of long term politics will never coincide with the position of prime minister. Why is this so? It is because the PM position is swim or sink position; if he is unable to deliver anything within the allotted period, people's interest on his ability will naturally die. 

A Promise to Better Life 
In the recent years, Mr. Rahul Gandhi has also started to visit local villages where he tries to talk with the villagers and understand their situations and problems. Most detractors would say that this is like buying the heart of the poor through promises that may be left unfulfilled. However, this is contrary to the fact wherein it was announced that indeed, there was a budget for relief operations on villages that have been afflicted with calamity just like the village of Aurangabad in Maharashtra, which was hit by a severe drought. This is also the place where Rahul met his young friend Ramesh Rautray. 

Slow but Steady 
When he entered the youth politics, his goal was clear; he wanted a change for the Youth Congress. However, the battle he has taken was almost nearly impossible for the strength and manipulative hands of traditional politicians still remain in this office until today. This is one of the reasons why Rahul Gandhi website detractors continue to believe that he is not a good leader. 

However, when someone looks at it in another way, the young politician has opened up the eyes of thousands with his goal. Today, there are people, although they are the minority, who continually fight for change in the Youth Congress. 

The shy and silent methods used by Rahul Gandhi may seem devious for some; however, people should remember that there are two types of leaders, those that are fond of attention and those who want to work silently. Believe it or not, not all leaders have an extroverted nature that constantly seek people's attention, there are those that works better in the background.

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